Normandy: Rich with History & Beauty

The Normandy region in northern France holds an integral place in French, British, and American history. Vikings began raiding the coast in the 8th century. In 911 AD, the French king, Charles III,...

Europe Travel / by Katie - 11 months ago

Solo Travel with Mary Winkler

When we talked with Mary Winkler, one of our frequent travelers, she had just returned from the Ultimate Iceland tour with Trafalgar and was in the middle of selecting her 2018 dream destination. Ar...

Europe Travel / by Katie - 11 months ago

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7 Quintessential Spots in Paris, France

There are few places on Earth as beloved as the city of Paris, France. There is little wonder why, once you arrive. The food, language, architecture, wine, and small, crooked streets are alone worthy of adoration. Factor in the museums, the culture, the Seine, and the art districts and you’re bound...

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