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by Katie - 1 year ago

Quebec City in Winter in 45 Lovely Photos

For those who didn’t know, Quebec City in winter is actually a wonderful idea; it’s a well-rounded snowy destination with lovely scenery and thrilling activities. From snow tubing to skiing, from ice canoe racing (could this possibly *be* any more...

by Katie - 1 year ago

11 Beautiful Cotswolds Villages You Need To See

It’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular day trips from London: the picture-perfect Cotswolds villages below are pretty much the literal embodiment of the word “quaint”, a ubiquitous term you’ve certainly become acquainted with over the course...

by Katie - 1 year ago

River Cruise on the Mekong: Cambodia and Vietnam in Photos

It’s been a lengthy, sweaty 36 hours since I took a breath of fresh air and yet despite my exhausted state, I already know that the river cruise on the Mekong ahead of me will have been entirely worth the airport gymnastics. This is the start of a d...