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John Miller, Grand European Travel president updates his “Bucket List Travel” for 2018. Here are 7 inspiring destinations and trips at the top of his list for this year.

Last year I shared my personal Travel Bucket List for 2017 with you and it sparked a lot of sharing and discussion throughout our community of Guests. This year, many of our fellow travelers are telling us that 2018 will be another year of life-changing experiences for them, as they embrace the opportunity to discover more of the world, better understand its history and culture, and enjoy making new friends along the way.

That’s exactly what I did last year. While I had traveled to Greece with one of my sons 11 years ago, I always wanted to return with my entire family – which is why our Glories of Greece trip was #2 on my personal Bucket List last year. I’m happy to report my wife Anne, and our two sons, toured Greece last summer and had a magnificent experience. You can read more about it in my recent blog post Traveling with the People You Love. It was everything we had imagined for our family. Our decision to take the time now and travel together was the right one.

When our time in Greece came to a close and we packed for home, my sons looked at me and said, “Where are we going next year, Dad?”  Their question got me thinking about my 2018 Travel Bucket List.

Take a look at some of the inspiring destinations and adventures that have caught my eye for this year. I welcome any ideas you have on your personal bucket list. Tell us in the Comments section below.

South African Lion

1. South African Safari

I glimpsed the breathtaking beauty of South Africa and its exotic wildlife on a business trip in 2010 and I’ve wanted to go back with my wife ever since.  The safari experience is absolutely unique. From early morning and evening animal drives to sleeping in the star-filled bush sky at night – I was smitten! Award-winning Lion World Travel has been part of The Travel Corporation family for a long time. GET added their trips to our collection for 2018 and I’m taking a close look at South Africa in Absolute Style or Tented Safari in Style.  I can’t quite decide between them yet … maybe we need to do both!

Moscow, in Russia with painted architecture and statues

2. Russia

Russia is a destination I’d like to explore on an award-winning Uniworld river cruise.  The Imperial Waterways of Russia is a bucket list trip for several reasons. From the mighty metropolises of Moscow and St. Petersburg to the traditional towns along the Golden Ring, guests on this journey are immersed in Russian art, culture, and history in ways you won’t experience anywhere else.  If like me you’ve been considering a trip to Russia, a Uniworld cruise is a great way to explore everything the country has to offer.

3. Israel

From its history and religious significance to a plethora of ancient sites, Israel offers curious travelers an adventure unlike any other. I’ve chosen the Israel Discovery trip from Insight Vacations because its exciting itinerary includes a number of bucket list spots I’ve always wanted to visit — Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and even a trip to the Dead Sea.

India's Taj Mahal

4. India

Who hasn’t been spellbound by images and stories of India? Experiencing her exotic colors and iconic monuments has been a lifelong dream of mine, so I had to keep Luxury Gold’s Essence of India trip on my Travel Bucket List. In addition to the 5-star accommodations, dining, and service that one can expect from Luxury Gold, this itinerary stands out thanks to the many included unforgettable local encounters as well its overall perspective of India’s diverse heritage.  If you’re looking for something exotic, exciting, and full of surprises, I’d recommend reserving this trip in 2018.  Maybe we’ll meet up on the road!

China's Great Wall

5. China

China is a bucket list destination for many travelers and it’s not hard to see why. From imperial treasures to scenic beauty, the country offers endless opportunities for exploration.  But given that the country’s sheer size can intimidate even the savviest travelers, I’ve chosen Uniworld’s Grand China and the Yangtze luxury river cruise for my Travel Bucket List. What better way to take in all the highlights than this itinerary?

Barcelona, Spain

6. Spain

Spain has been a dream since my school days probably because of its literary and artistic heritage. Both the Highlights of Spain and Easy Pace Spain are good because they’re relatively short in duration (under 11 days) and I’m tight on time. They cover different areas – each has appeal. If time wasn’t an issue, however, my ideal trip would be Grand Spain & Portugal – 19 days covering all of Iberia. An in-depth tour starting in Madrid and winding downward to Granada, then clockwise to Seville. Cross the border into Portugal and spend two nights in Lisbon before returning to Spain and heading east to Salamanca. Then explore northern Spain and visit Santiago de Compostela, east to San Sebastian and Barcelona, then finally back to Madrid. The ultimate immersive Iberian experience!

Paris, France view of the Siene River through the chimeras that perch atop Notre Dame

7. Paris & Normandy River Cruise

Many of us have been to France before – probably several times – but savoring it on a leisurely river cruise where the ship itself is a work of art – sounds perfect. From Paris to Normandy and back again, on the beautiful new Joie de Vivre super ship.  One of my colleagues is taking his wife on this cruise this coming summer. What a trip to look forward to!

What’s on your personal bucket list for 2018? Tell us in the Comments below.